About Canyon State Electric Co.

Canyon State Electric Co., Inc. has served Phoenix, AZ as the premier electrical contractor since 1978. We offer a full spectrum of contracting services, from design and pre-construction to project close-out. Canyon State Electric Co., Inc. is consistently ranked among the top 10 electrical contractors in Arizona by The Business Journal, a nationally recognized publication. We are a member of the Arizona Builders Alliance and are well known in the electrical community. Currently we have over 200 full time employees, with unsurpassed experienced trade personnel, working throughout Arizona. Canyon State Electric Co., Inc. is licensed and bonded in the State of Arizona and enjoys many long and loyal area relationships. Our commitment to quality and teamwork begin the moment we introduce our services to a client and continue long after the project is completed. While our knowledge and expertise continue to take us to new heights in Arizona, our dedication to client satisfaction ensures that Canyon State Electric Co., Inc. will continue to be Arizona's premier electrical contractor for many years to come.